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wood pellets - lauzon (enviro pellet) premium hardwood pellets
rated as "some of the very best" pellets in canada, as per the toronto star

lauzon premium hardwood pellets

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quantity 1 bag 2-5 bags 6-19 bags 20 or more bags
pre-order by email. pick up near 401 and yonge.

lauzon (enviro pellet) is a leader in the residential fuel industry and produces one of the best performing wood pellets.

dry matter/moisture
bulk density
fines % by weight
inorganic ash

100% pure fiber
all hardwood blend
96.5% / 3.5%
44 lbs cubic ft.
0.25" inch
0.625" inch
78 ppm

one bag is equal to 9.5 litres of oil

pre-order by email. pick up near 401 and yonge.

the toronto star, november 27, 2004
wood pellet stoves create cheap, clean home heat
by steve maxwell

...a handful of mills around the country make pellets, but some of the very best come from an unusual plant in quebec.

lauzon inc. is the name of a firm that manufacturers heating pellets under the brand name cubex [also enviro pellet]. the primary business of this company is actually hardwood flooring, and their pellets are made from planer shavings produced as a by-product of this main business. and while there's nothing surprising in these details, it's the source of the feedstock for these pellets that gives them their high environmental rating. and to understand why you need to look beyond just the clean-burning performance of pellet stoves themselves...

wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, a by-product of the lumber industry. nothing but wood is added to make fuel pellets. under high pressure the natural lignin in wood acts as a glue to bind it together and form a tight pellet.

the small size of wood pellets results in very efficient smoke-free fire.

when you heat with pellet fuel you reduce co2 emissions by burning a renewable fuel. trees growing now are locking up the sun's energy and co2 in a continuous renewable cycle.

the future of pellet fuel:

although most fuel pellets are currently made from wood they can also be made from fast growing switchgrass. pellets made from grass are the ideal renewable energy crop, since switchgrass grows on marginal farmland. the energy payback on pellet fuel is up to 14:1. for every one unit of energy in, you get 14 units of energy out.

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