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heat your home with renewable energy!

one of the easiest ways to reduce fossil fuel dependence is to heat with wood. a wood pellet stove is the most convenient and satisfying way to heat with wood.

unlike conventional wood burning stoves, pellet stoves are automatic. wood pellets are fed from the storage hopper into the fire. warm air is circulated and the heat output is adjustable or made completely hands-free with a thermostat.

when you heat with pellet fuel you reduce co2 emissions by burning a renewable fuel. trees growing now are locking up the sun's energy and co2 in a continuous renewable cycle.

wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust, a by-product of the lumber industry. nothing but wood is added to make fuel pellets. under high pressure the natural lignin in wood acts as a glue to bind it together and form a tight pellet.

the small size of wood pellets results in very efficient smoke-free fire.

the future of pellet fuel:

although most fuel pellets are currently made from wood they can also be made from fast growing switchgrass. pellets made from grass are the ideal renewable energy crop, since switchgrass grows on marginal farmland. the energy payback on pellet fuel is up to 14:1. for every one unit of energy used to grow, harvest and pelletize the grass, 14 units of heat energy are produced.

natural heat, toronto, ontario, canada

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